Marketers Not Effectively Targeting Users

A new survey has revealed that more than half of consumers feel that marketers are not targeting them in an effective way. The study, conducted by BlueVenn, questioned more than 2,000 consumers in both the UK and the US, and 600 B2C marketers. It was found that 58% of respondents believe that digital marketing campaigns aren't targeting them well enough, with 46% wanting ecommerce sites to offer personalised sites which are organised based on user preferences. The report also found that many marketers are not using the data available to them efficiently, although people are becoming increasingly open to being targeted by ads. A spokesperson from BlueVenn said: “Even though marketers have heavily invested in many technologies, our findings show there are clearly still issues with using data effectively”, before adding that once these tools are used correctly, it will help create a “more enjoyable customer experience”.