Marketers Forecast To Focus On New Technologies

A recent study has found that marketers around the world are now focusing more and more on new technologies. According to data collected by New Base, the largest increase in interest from marketers is in AI, which 30% of respondents said would be prioritised in 2017, compared to just 13% saying the same in 2016. A similarly impressive increase in interest was found in augmented reality, which 6% more marketers said would be prioritised this year than last year. However, some technologies are seeing a decrease, such as the internet of things, which saw a significant drop in interest from 51% to 35% in just 12 months. This is likely because of emerging technologies of the past year which weren't included in the 2016 survey like voice assistants and drones, which 22% and 6% of marketers will be investing in this year, respectively.