Marketers Fail To Embrace VR Marketing

A report from Yes Lifecycle Marketing has found that only a small percentage of marketers are currently using virtual reality in their advertising campaigns. It was also found that more than a third of marketers that were questioned had no plans at all to implement the technology in the future, whilst another 57% said that it did not apply to them. It was shown that as brands were reluctant to take up new technology like VR, they were pushing forward with current methods such as social and video, which were both being used by 68% and 56% of marketers respectively. Samantha Merlivat, an analyst at Forrester Research, said that that there was more “hype than substance when it comes to using VR” in marketing, which struggled from problems caused by “lag and pixilation”, even in high-end devices costing around 500 US dollars. Another survey from Deutsche Bank estimated that there were currently 22.5 million VR users globally; a number expected to hit 154 million by 2020. However, it was pointed out that only 3.2% of these users would be using the technology on a daily basis by that point.