Managing International SEO On A Global Scale

Working in so many markets, Vodafone's SEO strategy has to be very carefully constructed. We talk with the company's Lead SEO for Global, Nick Wilsdon, who explains how it is important to share knowledge between markets, centralise reports, and introduce automation. He also speaks about encouraging different teams around the world by being able to measure local successes. 

From this video, you will learn:

  • How Vodafone empowers local teams to support overall international SEO goals
  • Tactics for sharing learnings, successes and failures between markets
  • Key technical challenges in international SEO and how to handle them

Currently working as an SEO Lead for Vodafone, Nick is in charge of running optimisation programmes across 22 separate markets, and over 70 partner markets. He is a regular speaker at search conferences and a judge for a variety of digital marketing awards.