Manage Ad Disapprovals Via Bing Ads Apps

Bing now allows users to manage ad disapprovals and edit text ads via the Bing Ads iOS and Android apps. If Bing disapproves an ad, the advertiser will receive a push notification alerting them to this fact. On the Bing Ads app, the Dashboard page will show if any of your ads have been disapproved, and if so, how many. You can then click on the “Review your disapproved ads” button, which will take you to another screen listing all your disapproved ads. If you click on an ad on this list, it will take you to an ad summary screen. If you then click on the “Disapproved” button, it will take you to a screen that explains the reason why your ad was disapproved. You will then be able to either request an exception or edit your ad. To edit your ad, just click on the pencil icon. You'll be able to edit the ad title, ad text and display URL. When you make any edits, you'll be able to see your changes in a real-time ad preview. Bing hopes that these changes will help advertisers to keep on top of their campaigns at all times, even when they're on the move. Bing has also launched a version of Bing Ads Editor for Mac users. This version is currently in beta and offers all the same features as the Windows version.