Loyalty Scheme Uptake Is Low In China

A survey has found that the use of loyalty programs in China is below the global average. The Nielsen 2016 Global Loyalty Sentiment Survey found that the worldwide average of internet users who used brand loyalty initiatives sat at 66%, whilst China fell behind at just over 60%. This compared poorly to nations such as India, where 74% of users were signed up to such programs. The South East Asian average was 72%. However, it was also found that Chinese consumers were interested in the idea of entering loyalty programs, with 38% saying they would be willing to give over personal information in exchange for rewards. This was far more than in South Korea, where only 20% said the same, and Japan, where only 8% were willing to pass on their data. Nielsen said that the reason for poor levels of loyalty program uptake was perhaps due to the lack of focus on mobile, in a country where 95% of those online rely on mobile devices to access the web.