Localisation strategies for global success

This is a video recording of a presentation from International Search Summit, which took place in Barcelona in 2019. Localisation is easy, said no one ever. There are so many things that can go wrong during the localisation process and this can have a detrimental impact on any organisation - from damaging a brand's image and perception to longer time-to-market and often even financial repercussions. But it doesn't have to be that way. The localisation process can not only be smooth, streamlined and efficient but it can also deliver big value for any business. As the localisation lead at Skyscanner, Hristina shares examples of challenges she's faced at Skyscanner and other global businesses and how to overcome them. You will find out why localisation is important and how a poor localisation strategy and lack of collaboration can have a negative impact on content quality, user experience and the organisation as a whole. You will gain ideas how to collaborate better with localisation teams and how to be more empathetic with global users.