Latin America Loves Mobile

According to research from IMS and comScore, 90% of people in Latin America with a smartphone are connected to the internet.

The report, which analysed digital trends in the region, looked into the usage of smartphones of those aged over 15 in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Chile. It found that within the LATAM region, 85% of Argentinians used their devices to visit social media sites on a regular basis including Snapchat, which along with Spotify saw strong engagement compared to other platforms amongst millennials.

Senior Director of comScore in the region, Marcos Christensen, said of the report that it showed that “smartphones are the go-to device for many consumers as we see people across the region turn to mobile for everything". He also added that he expected the increase in mobile usage to be reflected in the behaviour of marketers, who would soon move their resources away from platforms such as TV and radio.