Israel Has Highest Internet Buyer Penetration Rate

eBay has released the results of a study that shows that Israel has the most connected shoppers in the world. Conducted by eBay Israel and consulting firm eMarketer, the research shows that 95% of Israelis who are connected to the internet bought something online in 2015. When compared to larger countries, such as the US or Germany, only 77% and 81% of those connected to a computer or device bought something online respectively, last year. When questioned about these results, two-thirds of Israelis said that online shopping helped them save money, and gave them access to lower prices abroad. Over 60% of Israeli purchases are made from foreign websites, with 60% of all those sales taking place in the US and Canada. Elad Goldberg, CEO of eBay Israel, said that “Israeli consumers are important members of the online buying economy, and they are gaining the attention of some of the biggest online retailers in the world”.