Internet And Smartphone Penetration Rising In Indonesia

Research by eMarketer has shown that internet and smartphone penetration is on the rise in Indonesia, and is expected to maintain strong growth in the future. As an emerging market, high-quality devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly more affordable. The study has shown that whilst smartphone usage in the country last year stood at 55 million, it is expected to rise sharply to 92 million by 2019. Meanwhile, around a fifth of Indonesia's districts currently do not have internet access. However, this number is expected to halve in the next three years, as investment is put into around 22,000 kilometres of broadband network; the Palapa Ring project. This plan is expected to vastly improve connectivity for the 150 million Indonesians who currently are not online. As a result, the increase in earnings for the e-commerce market in the country, is expected to rise from 10 million Indonesian Rupiah, to 20 million in just three years.