International Ad Spending Set To Grow

The international advertising industry is set to see more growth. A study from Carat reveals that global ad spend will surpass 548 billion US dollars before the end of the year, leading to 4.5% year-on-year growth. Carat says that this is likely due to the multiple major events taking place around the world, such as the Rio Olympics and the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, bumping up the total spend. The 2016 US Presidential election has also meant that US advertising will see a full 5% year-on-year increase on 2015, up from the predicted 4.7% in March. The Asia Pacific region is also expected to see large increases due to the growing digital markets there, with India even seeing a full 12% increase from 2015, and a predicted 14% in 2017. Will Swayne, Global President of Carat, also said that “digital continues to significantly outpace the growth of all other media and is now number one in 13 markets”, with it showing an increase this year of 15.6% worldwide.