Influx Of Foreign Brands Selling In China

The Chinese ecommerce market is seeing an influx of foreign brands through the Tmall Global platform. Owned by Alibaba, Tmall now sells products from over 14,000 global brand names, 80% of which are selling in the country for the first time. Research from CBN Data shows that whilst a year ago there was just 1,700 categories sold by brands in 50 countries, this now stands at more than 3,700 categories from brands in 63 countries. This may be due to an April 2016 change in import tax laws in China, which made most foreign goods more affordable in the country. Another survey found that in 2016 alone, cross-border ecommerce grew by 30% in China. With a 19% market share, Japan is currently the most attractive country for Chinese buyers, followed closely by the US.