Indus OS Nominated For Award At Global Mobile Awards

Indus OS has been nominated for the award of “Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets”, at the Global Mobile Awards. Since its launch in 2015, it has now become the second most popular operating system in India, only behind Android, and – impressively – ahead of iOS. After overtaking Apple's system in 2015, the gap between the two has continued to extend with Indus holding more than a 6% share in the market, compared to Apple's 2%. Indus' operating system has found success in the country by focusing on Indian needs, such as being available for use in twelve different local languages. It also contains its own app store, App Bazaar, which gives its users access to thousands of apps. The operating system's co-founder said that it was currently “committed to developing several innovations in alignment with government initiatives”, such as the recent withdrawal of some Indian currency notes.