Indian Mobile Market Grows By 15 Million People In Q3

A new report from Ericsson has revealed that India gained the most new mobile subscribers compared to any other country on Earth in Q3 2016. With 15 million brand new subscribers, India came ahead of China which achieved 14 million new subscribers, and Indonesia with 6 million more over the same period. Whilst the success of the top countries could be attributed to the larger population sizes, India still achieved an increase in subscriptions nearly four times the number of additions in areas like the Middle East and the highly populated Western European region. Meanwhile, the survey also found that data traffic per smartphone is due to increase dramatically in the years leading up to 2022. It is expected that annual growth in all areas of the globe will hit 45%. North America, for example, is due to see an increase from 5GB per month on an average smartphone to over 25GB.