Inconsistency In Asian Markets' Top Engagement Channels

A study by Experian has concluded that countries in Asia have no consistent way of engaging with brands. The study found that whilst email was the preferred way of engaging with a brand in the Singaporean and Thai markets, SMS led the way in Hong Kong, with chat apps taking top spot in Malaysia and China. Across the 1,200 people questioned in the study, across six Asian markets, only 31% of those in Singapore look on social media for brand information, whilst the number exceeded 67% in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the study also looked into which channels provided the most online-to-offline conversions, finding that email led the way in Singapore with 27% of conversions being driven by email, whilst text drove 57% of conversions in Indonesia. However, email was found to be the most popular way to receive marketing across all six countries, being the primary form of engagement with 34% of respondents. Chat apps were the least popular platform across Asia with only 7%, most of which came from China and Thailand, reflecting the dominance of WeChat and Line.