How to target South Korean students studying abroad

This guide analyses the opportunities and challenges associated with the South Korean higher education market. Starting with an overview of the reasons why South Korean students seek higher education abroad and the trends shown over the last few years by this demographic, the guide moves on to explore how foreign universities can better approach South Korean students looking to attend university in a foreign country.

Amongst others, this guide takes a closer look at:

  • Why South Korean students study abroad, offering an overview of what motivates them to seek higher education in foreign countries and the main factors swaying their final choice.
  • How South Korean students research information about foreign universities and how marketers can help fill in the gaps.
  • A list of valuable tips for marketers targeting South Korean students on the right strategy for their website, social media, and content marketing efforts.

Discover what you need to boost your international student recruitment in South Korea and how you can engage the local audience to increase your chances of success!