How to launch an e-commerce website in a new country

This is a recording of a talk given at the virtual International Search Summit Global 2021. There is a lot to think about when launching an e-commerce website in a new market. In this session, Daniel Cartland from NOVOS runs through the technical SEO elements to get right when building your website internationally. This includes how to make sure the right websites rank for the right locales, how to ensure customers reach the right version without damaging crawlability with geo-redirects, and how to share value between your existing domains and new markets. He also dives into how to analyse data to make sure that launching a whole new website is the right thing to do for SEO and will not impact your brand or your current organic traffic, leveraging existing Google Analytics data to make sure that you have a captive audience, ensuring that there is relevant search volume for key categories in different markets, plus much more!