How And Why To Migrate To HTTPS

Fili Wiese from joins us to discuss https and why all businesses should ensure their websites are using it. He shares some of the common mistakes, as well as what to consider at each stage of the process – from planning to post-implementation. He also gives specific advice relating to international websites, including ensuring hreflang annotations are updated and utilising Google Search Console to monitor sites by language, country or region.

Learn more about:

  • Testing prior to migration
  • Monitoring log files
  • Updating inbound links
  • The importance of http/2

An SEO consultant and former Google Search Quality team member, Fili Weise is an expert in international and technical search engine optimisation. He now speaks publicly all over the world, and is one half of the Search Brothers SEO Consultancy company, specialising in optimising sites, Google penalties and Google algorithmic updates.