Hong Kong Fights Fakes

The Hong Kong Federation of Ecommerce has launched the 'Hong Kong Trust Mark' in order to fight the sale of counterfeit goods online.The retail industry in the country offers many products and services, but suffers from a lack of trust from online shoppers, who are often subject to being conned into buying fake items.The federation, or HKFEC, is supported by organisations representing India, Russia, Europe and Thailand.The President of the Thai eCommerce Association has said that research shows that in order for the Asian market to grow, “a well-developed trust system is necessary”.HKFEC will individually review each application for a product to receive the Trust Mark, and will grant use of the logo based on a “code of practice”.Any website registered in Hong Kong can apply for the Trust Mark on the official website, where users can also click on the name of a website to see the site's details and status.