Google's Fact-Checking Tool Expands To More Countries

Google is expanding its fact-checking tool into more countries across the world. The tool is used to place a 'Fact Check' icon beside a suspected incorrect story which links to a fact-checking article or website. Whilst the technology has been available in the US since October 2016, and now in both Germany and France, the recent expansion will add Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to the list of countries in which the tool is available. Google's Phillipp Schindler said recently that the company was taking “the fake news problem very, very seriously”, and was looking to tackle it in any way it could. He added that it was looking to carefully draw the line “between fake news and bad journalism”. This comes in the wake of confusion being caused when US President Donald Trump talked about an incident in Sweden that actually had not happened, whilst calling unflattering reports about himself “fake news”.