Google Removed 1.7 Billion Fraudulent Ads In 2016

Google has announced that it removed around 1.7 billion fraudulent advertisements from the web in 2016. Under a plan to ensure that all ads posted on its site can be trusted, Google said that it has a “strict set of policies that govern the types of ads [it does and does not] allow”. The number of advertisements removed from Google last year is twice the number removed in 2015. This is partially due to a policy launched in July 2016 to disable all payday loan ads, 50 million of which have since been removed. It was also revealed that six times as many “click to trick” adverts were removed than in 2015. Scott Spencer, from Google's sustainable ads branch, said in a blog post that the company's efforts “made the web a better place” for users, and “a worse place for those who seek to abuse advertising systems”. However, Spencer conceded that as Google “invests in better detection, the scammers invest in more elaborate attempts” to trick its systems.