Google Rejects Price Comparison Anti-Trust Allegations

The long-running conflict between the EU and Silicon Valley continues as Google has refused to accept a statement from the European Commission. The statement states that a third anti-trust charge has been filed against the search engine, this time accusing it of abusing its industry dominance through pricing on its price comparison tab, to the detriment of third-party sellers. Whilst stating that the tab was a result of trying to give consumers useful information, Google claimed that the charge was “wrong on the facts”, and was only working in the interests of “a small number of websites”. Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president, said that these days “consumers don't just look for products on a search engine, then click on a price comparison site”, adding that “dedicated apps are the most common way for consumers to shop”. Google also added that it “disagrees with the Commission's assessment”, but was looking to “resolve this case quickly”.