Google Proposes Antitrust Shopping Fix To EU

Google has sent a proposed fix for its shopping service to the European Commission, as part of an ongoing antitrust battle. In July of this year, Google was found guilty of anti-competitive practices for unfairly giving higher rankings to its own Google Shopping service and demoting the rankings of competitors. The EU had ordered Google to provide a proposal on how it was going to give equal treatment to its Google Shopping service and its competitors, which Google has now done. The European Commission has said that it has received the plan and that it is now Google's responsibility to ensure that it follows through on its promise to stop its anti-competitive practices. It added that it would check that Google was indeed sticking to its promise, reminding the search giant that it would face stiff fines if it continued its anti-competitive practices or if there were any delays in implementing the proposal. It marks the conclusion of a seven-year-long antitrust investigation into Google by the EU.