Google Launches New AMP Ad Options

Google has launched two new ways in which advertisers can use AMP to “improve advertising performance”. Firstly, it has launched a new AdWords beta that enables advertisers to use AMP pages as the landing pages for their search ads. Secondly, it has started speeding up the serving of adverts in the Google Display Network, using the same technology that makes its AMP pages so fast. According to research by Akamai and DoubleClick, if a page take longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of visitors will abandon it, whilst any mobile page with a one second delay will see conversions fall by 20%. Google hopes that the introduction of AMP technology to its search and display ads will improve these figures and help advertisers. It also said that it believes that the increased speed will mean that “media budgets [will] work more effectively and messaging strategies [will be able to] realise their full potential”.