Google Introduces New Features To Help Sellers

Google has introduced a range of new features to help sellers. Firstly, it has expanded the availability of Showcase Shopping ads to 15 new countries. These ads aim to capture users when they are at the discovery and research stage of the buyer journey. Showcase Shopping ads allow the advertiser to curate a collection of lifestyle images to showcase their products. Google's research has shown that users who see a brand's Showcase Shopping ads are then twice as likely to search for that brand later on. In one case study, Showcase Shopping ads were shown to lead to 32% more conversions compared to standard Shopping ads. A second new feature is the launch of a new clothing search experience. It features visually-rich designs as well as space for the brand's logo. Filters can be added for prices and sizes, and a “similar looks” feature brings up recommendations based on previous preferences. A third new feature has not yet been launched but will be coming soon. The Google Assistant will soon be able to tell users about inventory in local physical stores when the user asks a question such as “Where can I buy men's shoes nearby?” If a seller has a local product inventory feed, then their items may automatically be included in the Google Assistant's answers.