Google Ends Google Now; Introduces News Feed

Google has announced that it is officially ending its use of the name Google Now; a feature that allowed users to search based upon their location and time of day. After an update to Google Now in 2016 that introduced a news feed, the feature's functionality is now being upgraded and integrated into Google's mobile search tool. The upgrades will now allow users to 'follow' different forms of content on their mobile devices such as people or media, the results of which will be presented to users in an on-screen feed. When asked to compare the new feed to Facebook, Google's Ben Gomes said that it was “about you and your interests, not topics your friends are engaged with”. The move points towards an increasing focus on mobile from Google, which it now says is responsible for the “vast majority of queries” made on the site overall. The company said that the more a person uses the feature, the better their experience of it will be, as it learns what each person wants to see.