Google Developing New Tools For News Publishers

Google has announced that it is developing new tools that will help news publishers to boost their subscriptions. It is testing two completely new tools, one related to online payments, and the other allowing publishers to target likely subscribers online. It is also going to update its 'first click free' feature, which currently allows readers to access subscription publications through search. These tools are first being tested with The New York Times and Financial Times but, according to Google, multiple other publishers are in conversation with the search company. Google's vice president for news said that there is a shift going on in the news market, with it becoming clear that publishers ‚Äúcan't live on advertising alone‚ÄĚ. However, some publishers with a subscription paywall have expressed concern. Under a new Google search policy, publishers can bump their stories higher in the search rankings in return for allowing all users access to three stories each day, for free.¬†