Google Changes How It Chooses Which Results To Serve

Google has started rolling out a change that will mean that it will serve search results to users based on their location, rather than which version of Google they are using. The change means that users will no longer be able to choose which version of the search results they wish to see. For example, if a user is in the UK, they will see the same results regardless of whether they are searching in, or another country version such as Previously, these would serve different results. Users can change the country manually, but this option is hidden away in the settings page. Google has commented on the rollout, saying: “We're confident this change will improve [users'] Search experience, automatically providing… the most useful information based on [a user's] search query and… location”. Webcertain's SEO Manager says that websites should not panic about their rankings, commenting: “We expect this not to have a large impact on international websites' traffic because Google already forces the use of a local Google search engine using IP detection.”