Going beyond tech to drive digital asset optimisation

This is a video recording of a presentation from International Search Summit, which took place in Barcelona in 2019. Data is spread across many places - ad tech, CRM systems, customer service logs, website and app analytics, loyalty programs, and much more. This means it can be hard to get a sense of what is useful for growth. Today's international brands are buying into the “right” tech to improve digital maturity, but are still struggling to consistently get sufficient value. An often-overlooked element is the organisation itself. Daniel shares how international advertisers and publishers can move up the digital maturity ladder and use data to drive top and bottom value contribution, covering examples from a variety of industries - from CPG to fashion to healthcare. Learn how to develop a scalable data architecture, providing a consistent approach to measurement and activation, whilst retaining the flexibility for individual brands and markets to be able to tailor their approach, depending on their specific business objectives and market conditions.