Global Opportunities For UK Retailers This Black Friday

UK retailers face big international opportunities this Black Friday, according to research by Rakuten Marketing. The weak pound means that overseas online shoppers are showing high levels of interest in buying from British retailers this year. In fact, Rakuten Marketing predicts that almost a quarter of Black Friday sales for UK retailers will come from overseas shoppers this year. Black Friday is a very successful online sales day in the UK, bringing in an average of 307% more sales than an average day. The study predicts that Cyber Monday will also see increased levels of international interest. It estimates that 28% of Cyber Monday sales for UK retailers will come from overseas customers this year, with especially strong interest from shoppers in the US, China and Hong Kong. In order to take advantage of this increased global interest and boost sales even further, UK retailers should make sure to cater to the needs of international shoppers, for example by offering overseas delivery.