Global CEOs Cite International Expansion As Key Growth Driver

6 August 2015. A study by KPMG has revealed that almost half of CEOs worldwide are planning to devote significant amounts of money to international expansion over the next 3 years. 47% of CEOs questioned said they would be investing in geographic expansion beyond their home country in the next 3 years, with 30% saying it was their number one priority. It reflects a growing realisation amongst businesses about the potential of overseas markets, with 54% saying global economic growth was the biggest factor to have an influence on their company, and two-thirds saying they expected their international revenues to increase over the next 3 years. The US was the most popular target country for expansion, followed by China, Western Europe, Central Europe and India. The study also examined the attitudes of CEOs towards growth in their own countries. 95% of Chinese CEOs believed the economic situation would improve in the next 3 years, with this sentiment also reflected by 90% of Spanish and Italian respondents, and 85% of Australians and Indians.