Free Delivery Important To UK Online Shoppers

Offering free delivery is a very good way of enticing UK online shoppers, according to research by Whistl. 94% said that they were more likely to buy an item online if it came with free delivery. This was especially so in the 18 to 24 age group, who typically have less overall spending power than their older counterparts. The study also found that not only is free delivery desired, it is even expected in certain circumstances. The majority of respondents expected free delivery on orders over £10. Shoppers also revealed that they are willing to wait longer if it means they get free delivery. Half are willing to wait an extra 2 to 3 days, with a third even willing to wait an extra 4 or 5 days. With delivery prices having such a big impact on whether or not UK online shoppers decide to complete a purchase, the researchers recommend that sellers think carefully about delivery costs and what the minimum spend should be in order to qualify for free delivery.