Facebook Lookalike Audiences Now Country-Specific

Facebook has launched a new feature in its Lookalike Audiences tool to help advertisers find potential customers in specific countries. With the Lookalike Audiences tool, advertisers can either manually upload a list of existing customers or use the list of people who like their page to find similar people to be targeted with their adverts. The new feature allows advertisers to specify which country they want to target. To find a lookalike audience in a specific country, you need to go to the Adverts Manager and click on Audiences. You then need to click on the green Create Audience button and select Lookalike Audience. This will bring up a box asking you to input a source and country. The source will be either a list of existing customers or the name of your page so that Facebook can create a list of people who like it. In the country box, type in the name of the country you want to target. Facebook hopes that the new country targeting feature will help businesses to successfully expand overseas with lower acquisition costs and higher returns on investment.