Facebook Live Scheduling Rolled Out For Verified Pages

Facebook has rolled out Facebook Live scheduling for Verified Pages. Facebook Live is the social network's live video streaming service, which allows Pages to broadcast themselves live to their followers. When a Page schedules a live video, their followers will receive a notification telling them that they will be going live later, with the option of setting a reminder to automatically tune in when the broadcast begins. Three minutes before the live broadcast begins, viewers will be able to join a virtual lobby where they can chat with other viewers. Facebook hopes that by allowing Pages to schedule their live broadcasts in advance, they will be better able to build anticipation and excitement amongst their followers and assemble a strong viewer-base before going live. To schedule a live broadcast, you need to go to the Facebook Live API and click on the Publishing Tools tab. You then need to click on Video Library and then Live. You then need to enter your server URL and stream key, before clicking on the Next button. You will then have the opportunity to write a post that will be published on your Page, notifying followers about your upcoming live broadcast and giving them the chance to set a reminder to tune in. You should ensure that your post is engaging and accurately describes what your viewers can expect from the broadcast. You will then be able to add a custom image and set your scheduled time and date. You can schedule live broadcasts up to a week in advance. Facebook Live scheduling is currently only available to Verified Pages, but is due to be rolled out to all Pages within the next few weeks.