Facebook Is The World's Most Installed App

A survey has revealed Facebook to be the world's most installed app, with WhatsApp having the most daily users. The study was conducted by MetrixLabs across multiple countries and looked at how messaging apps are used by smartphone users. Unsurprisingly, Facebook was found to be the most downloaded app, but WhatsApp had the most daily users. The most interesting results were found across generations, where 63% of baby-boomers and those in Generation-X used messaging apps as a free alternative to texting. Meanwhile, that number rose to 67% for Generation Y. It was also found that security concerns were high when it came to WhatsApp, with less than half of users thinking their data was safe on the app. However, only 26% of Snapchat users thought their data was safe. Michelle de Montigny, from MetrixLab, said that this showed that brands needed to “instil more confidence in customers who use these apps or risk being overtaken by the next messaging trends”.