Facebook Has Introduced Updates To Its Video Metrics

Facebook has introduced updates to its video metrics, which are viewable on a Page's Insights tab. Businesses who post videos on their Facebook Page will now be able to see how many minutes of video have been viewed across all their videos. Previously, it was only possible to see the number of minutes viewed per individual video. It has also simplified the data provided about aggregate video views. It will now only provide data on aggregate 3-second video views, dropping the 10-second data that it had provided previously. Facebook said that it dropped the 10-second data after publishers gave them feedback saying that the data was not as valuable. It has also changed the way video performance is displayed for specific time periods. Previously, if a Page owner wanted to see video performance between two dates, only videos uploaded during that time period would be included. Now, all videos that were live during the time period will be included, even if they were uploaded beforehand. It is also now possible to sort the top 50 videos by views or minutes viewed, and to compare current video metrics with historical benchmarks.