Facebook Falling In Popularity In South Korea

A survey from DMC Media has shown that Facebook's position as the preferred social platform in South Korea is fading. The survey questioned social media users in the country about their primary social media platform in a follow up to the same study conducted last year. It was found that whilst in 2016 65% of respondents said that Facebook was their preferred platform, that number has plummeted to just 40% this year. Whilst this still means that Facebook is the top platform in the country, it may soon face stiff competition from Instagram, which has seen an impressive increase from 4% to 22% in the same twelve months. Twitter has also suffered in the past year, with just 2.6% of people favouring it over other platforms now, compared to 14% last year. Homegrown platforms Band and KakaoTalk both saw an impressive rise in the number of people who prefer them over other platforms, with increases of 7% and 9% respectively.