Facebook Expands Dynamic Ads To Instagram & Travel

Facebook has announced two changes to its Dynamic ads service: it has expanded the service to Instagram and it is testing new options aimed at the travel industry. Facebook Dynamic ads allow advertisers to target automatically-generated ads at people who have already browsed their website or app. Its expansion onto Instagram reflects the fact that 60% of Instagram users have said that they use the platform to discover new products. To set up a Dynamic ads campaign on Instagram, you need to upload your product catalogue, along with some additional information, to the Facebook Business Manager platform. You then need to select “Instagram” as the “Placement” option when setting up the campaign in the Power Editor platform. It is planning to expand into the travel industry because almost three-quarters of Americans research travel on a mobile device. Dynamic ads for travel are currently in the testing phase but will hopefully be rolled out properly in the near future. It will allow hoteliers to target users who have browsed hotel websites but not made a booking, as well as people who have booked aeroplane tickets but not booked a hotel. The adverts will target users with dynamic hotel pricing and availability information for the dates and locations they have previously expressed an interest in.