European Marketers Keen To Embrace AI And VR

A poll undertaken by Oracle has shown that marketers across Europe and South Africa are keen to embrace chatbots and virtual reality. Senior members of the industry in countries such as France, the Netherlands and the UK were questioned about the use of emerging technologies in marketing. Whilst they mostly agreed that data had to be reorganised to make the best of the technology, 78% of brands questioned said that they expected to use VR to provide customer experiences within four years, whilst 80% wanted to serve customers through chatbots. Daryn Mason at Oracle said that "brands are at a crossroads", as he discussed the fact that 60% of them do not currently use social to collect data. Consequently, the report concluded that this makes it a struggle for companies to successfully implement either technology. Mason added that “there's an early-mover advantage to experimenting and launching innovative services”, but most brands cannot currently collect the data in a suitable way.