European Ecommerce To Hit 602 Billion Euros In 2017

Ecommerce in Europe is forecast to hit a value of 602 billion Euros in 2017. After being worth a total of 530 billion Euros last year, the value would represent a growth of 14%. These findings come from the recent European Ecommerce Report, which was presented at the recent Ecommerce Foundation. The highest levels of growth are expected to be seen in Southern European countries such as Italy and Spain. The report also showed that ecommerce investment was growing on the continent, with the number of companies with websites growing from 67% in 2010, to 77% last year. The most mature markets in the region were proven to have the highest share of online shoppers. The UK, Germany and Denmark lead the way, all with around 85% of consumers buying online. Meanwhile, less developed markets like Romania fell well behind, although the country's online sales grew by 38% last year.