European Ecommerce Market To Grow 19% In 2017

The European ecommerce market is set to grow by 19% in 2017, according to predictions from the Ecommerce Foundation. The report noted, however, that this growth is slowing down compared to previous years. By the end of this year, Europe's ecommerce turnover is expected to be around 400 billion Euros. Looking at which European countries have the fastest growing ecommerce markets, Turkey came top of the list with a 31% growth rate, followed by Italy at 26% and Spain at 25%. Turkey also came top of the table when it came to the popularity of mobile payments. The country where ecommerce formed the highest share of GDP was the UK, where ecommerce accounts for almost 8% of GDP. The report also looked at logistical performance in various countries and found that it was best in Germany and the UK and worst in Russia.