European Advertisers Develop Ad Measurement Guidelines

The European advertising industry has united to create a set of viewability principles which it hopes will lead to more consistent ad measurements. As it stands, different advertising platforms use different rules to determine what constitutes an ad impression, with Facebook defining it as 50% of the ad being seen for one second, compared to Twitter which requires a user to see 100% of the ad. This issue also exists across different agencies. However, the new framework hopes to minimise the impact of these discrepancies, following multiple advertisers being critical of the current “lack of standards in measurement and verification”. A spokesperson from IAB Europe commented on the new viewability principles, saying “with digital ad spend surpassing 40 billion euros, it's ever more critical to reinforce the quality of the digital advertising environment”. The main goals of the new measures are to measure digital ad exposure consistently, improve user confidence in the digital ad environment, and help raise the minimum quality standards in digital advertising measurement.