EU To Police Google Search Results

The EU has appointed a team of technology experts to monitor Google's search results, following the company's fine of more than 2 billion Euros. The fine came after the European Commission found that Google had been abusing its dominant position in the search industry. Now, the EU is spending nearly 10 million Euros to assemble a team of experts who can track how Google is complying with the changes it has been ordered to make. After the EU fined the search giant, it ordered that changes must be made within 90 days or further punishments would be imposed, adding that Google would be analysed for another five years to make sure that the same laws were not broken again. If the EU's tech experts find that Google is not co-operating with anti-trust laws after the 90 days is up, the company could be fined another 4 billion Euros each year, representative of 5% of Alphabet's annual global revenue. Additionally, the EU has ordered Google to submit a report to show its compliance, every four months.