Ecommerce In Scandinavia Is Sky High

A new survey has revealed that the percentage of 'digital buyers' in Nordic countries is sky high. Whilst there were small differences in age groups, and women were more likely than men to buy online, all demographics can boast an online buyer rate of around 90%, and more in many cases. The survey, which was undertaken by Audience Project in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway, found that 91% of women in those countries had bought something online during Q2 2016, with 87% of men doing the same. In different age groups, it was found that those aged over 56, with the lowest rate of participation, still had 82% of people buying online. All other age groups were significantly higher, with 96% of people aged between 26 and 35 being digital buyers. The study also found that 91% of those buying online did so on a desktop, compared to 30% and 25% doing so on tablets and mobiles, respectively.