eBay Opens Platform To African Sellers

eBay has opened its US platform to African sellers. The move follows a new partnership with MallForAfrica.com, and allows customers in the US to buy African goods. From this week, products are available to buy from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Burundi. The categories available to buyers are style, fashion, art, jewellery and clothing. Users can access these items through the platform's Mall for Africa store. This is the second major move in the partnership, after Mall for Africa launched an eBay-powered platform for African buyers to buy from the US in 2016. eBay's General Manager of Latin America and US exports said that in 2016 “[their] focus was about how [they] could work with a partner to overcome shipping, payment, and trade barriers to offer eBay's selection in Africa”, adding that it now made sense to “open up the American market to sellers in Africa”.