Dior Becomes First To Sell Luxury Bags On WeChat

The fashion designer Dior has become the first luxury brand to sell high-end bags over WeChat. Earlier this week, the company launched its limited edition Lady Dior bag, in time for the Chinese Valentine's Day celebrations, before it sold out over the social network in just over 24 hours. Lu Zhenwang from Wanqing Consultancy said “luxury brands can find their target consumers by using WeChat's big data”, adding that because it is the largest social network in China, “it's easier for them to advertise and sell products”. Luxury brands such as Cartier, Montblanc and Longchamp already sell over WeChat, providing special discounts and offers for the platform. A recent study on luxury items from Ruder Finn Inc showed that 36% of respondents in China said they buy luxury items online, a notable increase of 24% on the preceding year.