Digital Media Consumption Grows In Western Europe

Consumption of major media continues to rise in Western Europe. A survey which looked at the average time spent watching television or using digital media in the UK, France, and Germany found that people are becoming more likely to spend time with digital than with television. Since 2013, people have consistently spent around 3 hours and 50 minutes each day watching television, something that is forecast to continue into 2018. However, the average time spent on digital media has grown from 2 hours 47 minutes in 2013, to 3 hours 46 minutes in 2016. Digital is expected to surpass TV for the first time in these countries at around the beginning of 2017. It was also found that people spend around 10 hours using major media each day in France, which beat Germany and the UK by 22 minutes and 37 minutes respectively. Emarketer has said that the increase in mobile use is predominantly responsible for the steady growth.