Cyprus Has Highest Facebook Penetration In Europe

Cyprus has been found to have the highest percentage of Facebook users in the whole of Europe. A study by FOUNDiiD discovered that the country has seen a 58% increase in active social media users, leading to 94% of all internet users having a Facebook account. Researcher and social psychologist Paul McEvoy, who helped publish the survey, said that the high percentage found in Cyprus was because in a “smaller society people are much more aware of what others are doing”, as well as being more “curious”. He added that the same could be said for nearby Malta, in which 93% of internet users use Facebook. However, it was also found that less than a third of Cypriots currently engage in online shopping, much lower than the European average. According to the report, this is due to a combination of perceived lack of skills, which 56% of the population say is why they don't use the internet, and their lack of trust in online retailers.