Cross-Border Sales Have Grown 38% Since 2014

PayPal has revealed that it has seen a 38% increase in cross-border sales over the last 2 years. Cross-border sales on PayPal totalled 19 billion US dollars in the last quarter, and it was shoppers in the Asia-Pacific region that were driving this growth. Mobile shopping in particular was very popular in the region. 37% of all cross-border shopping was done on a mobile device, much higher than the 15% seen in other markets such as Europe and North America. PayPal commented on this trend, saying: “If the growth in Asia Pacific is an indication of a global shift to increased mobile cross-border shopping, there is a tremendous opportunity for merchants in Europe and North America.” PayPal also looked at the future online shopping intentions of consumers and found that 64% of Chinese, 39% of Russian and 26% of British internet users planned to spend more money online in the next year.