Cross-Border Ecommerce Growing In India

Cross-border ecommerce is growing throughout India. Despite the success of native ecommerce businesses, Indian consumers are spending more and more money in foreign markets. A survey undertaken by PayPal and Ipsos showed that, in 2016, online shoppers in the country spent nearly 7% more internationally than they did in 2015. Of the 8.7 billion US dollars spent abroad, nearly 4 billion US dollars was spent in the US, with nearly 1 billion US dollars spent in both the UK and China. The report found that the reason behind this growing habit was so consumers could get access to brands that are not available domestically, opening up opportunities for brands around the world to target India with such items. However, the domestic Indian ecommerce market currently stands at around 31 billion US dollars, far ahead of international spend, and is growing at a faster rate.